Our Team Approach

The benefits of our team approach to the diagnosis and treatment of pet cancer include: 


  • The latest medicines and treatment protocols
  • Experimental therapies and new drugs
  • Oncologists on the cutting edge of new and more effective treatment protocols inside our practice and around the world


  • Client outreach and education on the topic of pet cancer, both on the web and in the media. The message? The pet's primary veterinarian is the place to start.
  • Ongoing education on pet cancer for the professional staff of our partner practices


  • Store, prepare and administer dangerous drugs
  • Act as an expert resource to assist our partners with difficult diagnoses
  • Help you build client trust that EVERYTHING is being done to extend the length and quality of the pet's life
  • Map effective, combination treatment strategies that have the best chance of controlling the cancer

Shared Commitment

  • Superior medicine
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Complete client satisfaction
  • Create successful outcomes that extend the pet's life expectancy and quality of life


  • Client-friendly materials to educate the client on reasons, options and likely outcomes
  • Counseling for clients who face difficult decisions, including access to our staff
  • Organized process of treatment, case file management, transfer and return of the pet to the primary veterinarian for ongoing care
  • Full access to staff doctors for peer-to-peer consultation at every point in the diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment process