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InSightec's Vision: The Operating Room of the Future

InSightec was established in January 1999. The company developed a breakthrough technology that in essence allows treating human beings without cutting the body. We developed technological systems that allows the destruction of targets deep inside the body completely non-invasive.

Experience Does Matter

A recently published article showed that experience matters with robotic surgery. Surgeons may have to perform well over one thousand procedures before becoming fully proficient in performing robot-assisted radical prostatectomies.

Strontium 90 – An old modality brings new treatment options to the VCC

Recently the Veterinary Cancer Center added to their armamentarium in the fight against  cancer with a Strontium-90 superficial probe.

The Veterinary Cancer Centers 2nd Year Anniversary!

We are well into The VCC’s second year of being open in our new building! It has been a very exciting ride, with lots of amazing advances and many opportunities still being pursued.

This time of year always brings back memories of the construction phase of the hospital, when we had to ask ourselves a lot of important questions. Some of the more interesting ones where: What is the local impact of our veterinary center on the community? How long would it take from planning to operation to launch our new hospital? What do we think the future holds for veterinary oncology in general?

Analysis identifies 37 RNA molecules that might predict survival in breast cancer patients

A Big Data analysis that integrates three large sets of genomic data available through The Cancer Genome Atlas has identified 37 RNA molecules that might predict survival in patients with the most common form of breast cancer. The study by researchers at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center - Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J.