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Updates in Radiation Therapy

Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a treatment delivery technique that utilizes a single high dose of radiation to ablate a tumor, hence the term “surgery”, although this is a non-invasive treatment modality.  The word stereotactic refers to a three-dimensional coordinate system that enables accurate correlation of a tumor visualized in the patient's diagnostic images with the actual tumor position in the patient’s body. This technique is typically used for brain and spinal tumors; however, it may be used for other types of tumors as well.

The Power of Imaging - by Dr. John Farrelly

As a radiation oncologist, I get to look at a lot of images – CT scans, radiographs, ultrasound images, MRIs, nuclear medicine scans and now PET scans.  What always impresses me is how imaging can add so much information to what we know about our patients, as long as we pick the right imaging test based on our patient’s history and physical exam.

Top 5 things you should now about radiation therapy for your pet.

Finding out that your pet has cancer can often be a traumatic experience.  Most people have questions such as, “What can be done for my pets tumor?” or “Will treating my pets cancer cause a lot of pain and discomfort?”  In order to get the best possible treatment for your pet and for you, it is important to get as much good information as possible.  When it comes to radiation therapy for pets, many pet owners do not even know that radiation therapy is available.  In honor of May being Pet Cancer Awareness Month and in an effort to provide pet owners with as much information as possible we c

Top 5 things you should now about radiation therapy for your pet.

For many veterinarians giving a pet owner a diagnosis of cancer can be difficult.  After building up a relationship over years with well visits, preventative care and non-cancerous issues, pet owners can often become very distraught upon hearing the word “cancer.”  These caring owners will often have many questions about cancer treatment including questions about potential treatment options, survival times, side effects and quality of life.  Radiation therapy has been coming more and more available in the United States to treat cancer in pets, but, many pet owners do not even know that radi

Linear Accelerator (LINAC)

Here is some wonderful information about linear accelerators (LINAC) and what they are used for. The Veterinary Cancer Center is proud to have the only LINAC in the Fairfield or Westchester County area, and even more proud of Dr. John Farrelly, the only board-certified radiation oncologist in CT