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Medical Oncologist Wanted

The Veterinary Cancer Center (VCC) (www.vcchope.com) is seeking a board-certified or residency trained medical oncologist for a Long Island Comprehensive Cancer Center as well as at location in East End Veterinary Center, NY, Red Bank Veterinary Hospital: Hillsborough, NJ, Red Bank Veterinary Hospital: Mount Laurel, NJ, VRC, PA.

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Innogenics —Genomic Profiling for Pets: What information can it provide

Innogenics is a specialty genomics reference laboratory that helps veterinarians and owners of pets with cancer by providing state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic analysis of tumor tissue at costs affordable to the pet owner. We provide a molecular profile of a dog’s tumor that details the cancer type and subtype and provides biomarker information useful in guiding decisions about current and novel therapeutic options. 

The Future of Veterinary Medicine - Here Today!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Personalized Medicine for Pets

These days, if you read any news article about human health, the words “personalized medicine” likely appear somewhere in the story.

What is personalized medicine? Is it really that revolutionary? How can personalized medicine be useful to veterinary medicine?

The 9th Annual Veterinary Cancer Center Continuing Education Lecture

Guide to Canine Cancer: Your Most Common Questions Answered

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Experience Does Matter

A recently published article showed that experience matters with robotic surgery. Surgeons may have to perform well over one thousand procedures before becoming fully proficient in performing robot-assisted radical prostatectomies.

The 8th Annual Veterinary Cancer Center Continuing Education Lecture

Thank you for attending our 8th annual CE event on Palliative care using medical oncology presented by Dr. Gerald Post, DVM,MEM,DACVIM(Oncology) and Palliative care using radiation therapy and pain management presented by Dr. John Farrelly, DVM,DACVIM(Oncology)DACVR(Radiation Oncology.) We hope you found the speakers and the topics to be both informative and beneficial.

Every pet owner needs a quarterback on the team

Have you heard the expression –“the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know”? Socrates is credited with the sentiment, if not the exact expression.