Experimental EGFR/HER2 Tumor Vaccine

Study Objective: 

This trial  is evaluating a cancer vaccine strategy for EGFR and/or HER2 bearing tumors in dogs. This stage of the project is simply to determine if anti-tumor antibodies arise in vaccinated animals. The vaccine is composed of a short peptide of canine EGFR (15 amino acids) mixed with LymeVax(R)  (Zoetis) and mineral oil. The patient gets two 0.5 cc vaccines (SC in the nape of the neck) separated by 3 weeks regardless of the size of the dog. Blood samples will be taken at the time of the first injection (Day 0), Day 21 (time of the booster injection), Day 28 (+/- 3 -4 days) and Day 56 (+/- 7 days). Based upon mouse studies, we expect no untoward effects or even injection site reactions.  There are NO contraindications with other forms of therapy, either surgical or chemotherapy. We would prefer mammary tumors and osteosarcomas (and other tumors that are presumed to express EGFR and /or HER2). 

Eligibility Requirements: 
  • Any dog with confirmed mammary cancer or osteosarcoma 

  • Dogs with any other confirmed cancer may be eligible depending upon enrollment

  • No steroids given within 7 days

  • Performance score of 0, 1, or 2-expected survival time of over 6 weeks

Exclusion Criteria: 
  • Dogs less than 3 kg in body weight

  • Prior steroid use

  • Other clinical findings precluding the use of a vaccine

This is a partially funded trial. The vaccine and blood draws will be at no cost to the client.
Location of Trial: 
Norwalk, CT

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