Why Choose The VCC?

The VCC is the one of the only standalone veterinary hospital solely dedicated to treating your pet's cancer. Because of this, everyone in our waiting room understands exactly what you are feeling, and what you and your pet are going through. This environment provides a vast amount of support during your visits. Many of our clients share their experiences and can provide great advice from the perspective of a pet owner.

We are the only facility in Fairfield, Westchester, Rockland, Litchfield and New Haven counties to have a Linear Accelerator. Ours is among the most advanced system in the veterinary community. It is capable of delivering traditional treatment in addition to the newest advancement in radiation oncology – 3-D conforming therapy.

The VCC is part of a large group of the finest hospitals across the United States called Compassion-First Pet Hospitals. This family of veterinary hospitals works in partnership to advance medicine, empower growth, and provide the very best treatments available today. Compassion-First hospitals retain their unique identities and autonomies regarding medical decisions, while benefitting from the opportunity to share knowledge and maximize resources as part of a dynamic network. The VCC team that you have come to know remain actively involved in the day-to-day hospital operations so that patient care and client services remain top priorities. This allows us to continue as the premier facility that provides state-of-the art care for the treatment of cancer in pets.

Our cornerstone values are Hope, Compassion, Innovation, and Quality of life, while striving at all times to treat your pet like it was our own – with kindness, compassion, and unwavering dedication.

We continually look outside the box for solutions – for ways to better diagnose and treat cancer in your pet.  Leaving no stone unturned is one of the lessons we learned while treating our own pets. We do this while being extremely sensitive to your concerns about quality and quantity of life.

Almost all of the chemotherapy that we use is the same used to treat human cancers. As veterinary oncologists, it is an ongoing challenge to find modalities that will work in animals and find a balance between what doses can be given to effectively treat cancer while minimizing major side effects.

We believe there are three types of “expenses” associated with the treatment of cancer –  financial, time, and emotional expenses – each one of these having to be considered when making decisions relating to whether or not, or how to treat a pet with cancer. With current advancements in various forms of therapy (metronomic, oral therapies, etc.),we tailor each treatment protocol to fill the needs of most every pet and pet owner.

In addition, The VCC offers the ability to enroll your pets in more clinical trials than any other veterinary office in the tri-state area. We continually seek out the most advanced and effective therapies for your pet.