Preparing for Your Visit

First Steps

Before each visit to your pet's doctor write down questions you have and be sure to read "Make an Informed Decision". Take notes during all discussions with the veterinary health care team about your pet's disease or treatment options. Ask your pet’s doctor to repeat any information that you do not understand.  Recite information back to ensure that you interpreted it correctly.

Seek Support

Bring a spouse, other family member or friend with you when you talk to the veterinary health care team.

Include the Whole Family

Discussions about your pet should involve everyone who loves your pet, including family members and children. Allow everyone to ask questions and express their opinions. Your pet will need the support of the entire family during this time.

Ask for Resources

Gather print and online resources available through this site to help you understand your pet's disease and treatment options. It is recommended that you work with your veterinary health care team to understand the validity of all information you obtain.

Understand There are No Incorrect Decisions

The decision to euthanize your pet is not easy. There is no time more difficult than the last days of a pet's life. At this moment, quality and dignity of life become immediate. Remember there are options available, including hospice care to reduce pain and suffering.  It is important that your concerns are honored and you are provided with ample information to make all necessary decisions. Your entire veterinary health care team will assist you by providing information as well as a compassionate, understanding ear.