Hank - The Amazing Dog

Dear Dr. Olmsted,

Jim and I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding care that you and your staff provided for our dear Hank. For a dog with osteosarcoma who did not have an amputation,we could never have imagined that he would live 14 months after his diagnosis. You would always refer to him as "amazing", and that he was. Jim and I have no regrets about any of the decisions we made along the way. However that beautiful dog's passing has left us with a big hole in our hearts and an emptiness in our lives. Hanky was truly one of a kind, a gentle soul who just wanted to please.

We also want to thank the cancer center for the beautiful peace plant. Another sign of how much you cared.

Attached are a few photos to remember Hanky by. Please share these photos and note with Becky and the rest of the staff who knew and cared for him. One gentleman, whose name I unfortunately don't recall, told me that he and Hank spooned for 2 hours on at least one occasion while Hank was receiving his treatment. You mentioned that at times it could take up to 5 people just to access Hank's weary veins. Your card and words of comfort alluded to the fact that we did everything we could for Hank, but you and your staff did as well.

Keep up the wonderful work that you do.


Mary and Jim