Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers are structured around information that is pertaining to your initial consult. If you would like to see more question and answer pertaining to chemotherapy, medication, lab work, side effects and radiation please click here

Can I bring my pet in without an appointment?

No.  All patients require an appointment. If this is the first time that we have seen your pet, we also require a referral form from your primary veterinarian.

What is the referral process?

If your primary veterinarian suspects or has diagnosed cancer, he may refer you to us for further evaluation or specific treatment.  The referral form (PDF to come) is on this site; however, most veterinarians in the area have our information and referral forms.

What are your fees?

Our fees will depend on the procedures that we perform. We will provide an estimate of the costs during your first visit to our facility.   For more information, please read Cost of Care.

How are The Veterinary Cancer Center (The VCC) veterinarians different than my primary veterinarian?

VCC Veterinarians work to complement the services of your primary veterinarian just as your primary physician refers you to specialists in human medicine for specific problems. Your pet’s primary veterinarian has referred your pet to us for advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures.

How do you work with my primary veterinarian?

We contact your veterinarian with updates concerning your pet. Our aim is to provide specialty care and then return your pet to your home or to your primary veterinarian as soon as medically possible. Your Routine care remains with your primary veterinarian.

Will my pet be in pain?

We pay special attention to the control and management of pain in all of our patients. The VCC utilizes the latest pain relief protocols to control patient discomfort.