The 8th Annual Veterinary Cancer Center Continuing Education Lecture

Thank you for attending our 8th annual CE event on Palliative care using medical oncology presented by Dr. Gerald Post, DVM,MEM,DACVIM(Oncology) and Palliative care using radiation therapy and pain management presented by Dr. John Farrelly, DVM,DACVIM(Oncology)DACVR(Radiation Oncology.) We hope you found the speakers and the topics to be both informative and beneficial.

As always, your presence demonstrated support for the ongoing effort of providing optimal care to your clients and patients. Your presence also helped to make the event a tremendous success. Your participation in this annual event is a vital step toward ensuring that animals across the tri state area receive the best care possible.

Our ability to favorably influence health outcomes depends on our persistent work and vigilance. We very much enjoy sharing this knowledge through these lectures. With your added support we can make a bigger difference in the lives of not only your patients, but that of your clients as well.

On behalf of the Veterinary Cancer Center and Westchester-Rockland VMA we thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to be with us.  A special thank you to our sponsors The Blue Buffalo Co., Best Pet Rx, Diamondback drugs, and the rest of our sponsors for which without their continued support quality events like this would not be possible.

For those of you that might have missed the event or might have had a program that was misprinted we have provide the handout notes and slides for you to download. Printed copies are available upon request.

Please feel free to contact us at (203) 838-6626 any time if you have questions. We look forward to working with you again in the future.



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The Veterinary Cancer Center (VCC) proudly presents our 8th Annual Continuing Education for Connecticut and New York Veterinarians. This lecture, which focuses on Palliative Care for Animals with cancer, is being held in association with the Westchester-Rockland VMA (WRVMA) for 2.0 NY-SED/ WRVMA continuing education credits. This course has also been submitted and approved for the indicated hours (2.0) of continuing education credit in hurisdictions which recognize AAVB's RACE and NYS CE approval.

This is a free lecture, which means space will be limited to the first 125 registrants, so please register by April 15th, 2014! Additional details are below.

Date and Time:

May 7th from 6-9pm


Stamford Yacht Club

97 Ocean Drive West • Stamford, CT

For directions go to

To register: online click here | email | call 203.838.6626

Please include your name, practice name, and email address.

Cost: Free

In order to be considered for future events please be courteous and give at least two weeks notice if you RSVP and cannot attend so that others can attend in your place.

CE Details: Palliative care for animals:  Controlling pain and beyond.

Part One: Palliative Care using Medical Oncology

Palliative care in veterinary medicine is incredibly important. Whether clients choose this option because of the type of cancer their pet has or because of financial reasons, this lecture will discuss the many options available. The use of injectable chemotherapy, metronomic chemotherapy, targeted chemotherapy and other nutriceuticals will be discussed.


1.         Educate veterinarians about the scope and options of cancer care in general

2.         Educate the audience about the scope of chemotherapy options

3.         Discuss injectable chemotherapy

4.         Discuss metronomic chemotherapy

5.         Discuss targeted chemotherapy

6.         Define palliative care

7.         Discuss how chemotherapy (injectable, metronomic and targeted) can be used in a palliative setting


This lecture will introduce all forms of chemotherapy—injectable, metronomic and targeted—to the general practitioner. We will discuss the definition of palliative and what it means to both the pet owner and the pet. We will talk about what factors affect an owner’s decision to treat a pet with cancer and why palliation is so important. This lecture will focus specifically on the role that chemotherapy, in all its various forms, plays in the palliative care of the pet with cancer.


Part Two: Palliative Care using Radiation Therapy and Pain Management

This lecture will discuss the importance of palliative care in animals with cancer, including the use of palliative radiation therapy and pain medications to help improve quality of life for pets with cancer. It will also discuss alternative radiation options for when pets with cancer are not good candidates for definitive therapy.


1.         Educate the audience about the scope of radiation therapy options available for pets with cancer

2.         Discuss management of pain and quality of life in pets with cancer

3.         Discuss the role of palliative radiation therapy in the management of pain/quality of life

4.         Discuss the potential side effects of palliative radiation in animals

5.         Discuss novel application of radiation protocols that were previously considered palliative, for control of certain tumors


This lecture will outline the importance of palliation of pain and improvement of quality of life for pets with cancer.  It will discuss medical management of pain as well as the use of radiation therapy to control pain.  Also, this lecture will discuss how radiation protocols that were previously considered palliative can be used to manage tumors in patients when financial restrictions prevent owners from pursuing definitive therapy.


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