The Veterinary Cancer Center (The VCC) strongly believes that the best veterinary care comes from a team approach; individuals working together, and capitalizing on the strength of each of its members. This strength helps us to deliver the best cancer care possible, whether that be chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, or other modalities –  we are the experts in the treatment, diagnosis, and care of cancer in your pet.

We do not want to minimize the very valuable information, advice and care of the other members of your pet’s health care team – and we believe strongly that they should not minimize our role.

We work closely with your local veterinarian(s) and other members of your pet’s team, but we do not instruct others on how to administer chemotherapy or instruct them on what chemotherapy to use. Nor do we want to take away from the valuable information you get from your local veterinarian or diminish the long term relationship you have with them.

We adopt this philosophy with the best interests of you and your pet in mind, and believe that it is important for each “team member” to remain true to their core competencies. Because of the amount of ever-changing medical information, our doctors only focus on cancer. By only treating cancer and relying on your local veterinarian and other specialist to treat everything else, we will ensure the best possible care for you and your pet.