Our Philosophy

We believe there is hope at every turn of the diagnosis and treatment process, so we will explore every possible avenue of treatment, including novel and innovative therapies, to treat your pet’s cancer. We will work with your primary care veterinarian to help you decide what is best for your pet, and we will always treat your pet with the utmost compassion and care.

Primary Value: The Veterinary Cancer Center’s guiding principle is to benefit the patient.

1. Compassion - We will treat all pets and their owners with compassion. We will treat each and every pet as if they were our own, in an environment that is friendly and comforting

2. Appreciation - We will appreciate all members of the team, both the internal team of VCC employees as well as the external team of pet owner and referral veterinarian, by actively acknowledging each person’s contribution. For the employees of The Veterinary Cancer Center, this requires the active recognition of all work and effort directed towards achieving our vision and values.

3. Teamwork - We are a team, trying to achieve the mutual goal of delivering the best care possible to pets with cancer and their owners. As a team, we will accept responsibility for all aspects of the Center.

4. Excellence - Everything we do is a reflection of ourselves and of The Veterinary Cancer Center. We commit to excellence everyday and in everything we do.

5. Motivation - We will seek within ourselves that which motivates us to excel. The true pursuit of excellence must start within. We will be motivated every day to actively look for ways to better treat our patients, pet owners and one another.

6. Inspiration - Innovation and ideas are all around us. We will work together as a cohesive, communicative team to pursue innovative ideas, seeking inspiration from one another and those we meet.

7. Communication - We are committed to open, honest, and continuous communication to provide knowledge to enable each team member to achieve excellence.